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Amazon Warehouse Workers to Vote on Union

Annie Palmer CNBC
A National Labor Relations Board hearing officer ruled Friday that Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama can hold a union vote starting on Feb. 8.

The Teamster Revolt Against the Hoffa Era

David Levin Jacobin
After years of givebacks and autocratic leadership under James Hoffa Jr, the power of the Teamsters has withered. Rank-and-file activists are mobilizing against contract concessions, taking over locals and building a coalition to transform the union.


Under Trump, Labor Protections Stripped Away

Katie Johnston The Boston Globe
“This has been a terrible 18 months-plus for working people in this country,” said Celine McNicholas, director of labor law and policy at the Economic Policy Institute. “It’s an unprecedented attack on workers.”


Court Backs Labor Board on Speedy Election Rule

Sean Higgins Washington Examiner
The policy shortens the timespan from when the board approves a union's request for a workplace organizing election to when that election is held to as little as 11 days. Previously, the process often took one to two months. The board formally announced the rule in December and it went into effect April 14.


Laws that Decimate Unions May be Inevitable. Here’s How Labor Can Survive.

Lydia DePillis The Washington Post
As more states feel they’ve been put at a competitive disadvantage by their right-to-work neighbors, the pressure only increases to follow suit and enact their own right-to-work laws. And after a while, a national right-to-work law might not be far behind. “I suspect that will happen within the next decade,” says Marquita Walker, an associate professor of labor studies at Indiana University.


Chicago Teachers Union Members To Run Against CTU President Karen Lewis' Leadership Team

Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah and Ellen Jean Hirst Chicago Tribune
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis successfully tapped into the wrath of frustrated members and took on Mayor Rahm Emanuel last September when she led the city's first teachers strike in 25 years. On Tuesday, a group of union members said Lewis didn't leverage the strike to get enough from the district — including a guarantee not to close schools — and announced a slate of candidates that will try to unseat Lewis and her team in a regular election set for May
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