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Tidbits - August 31, 2017 - How to Help - Harvey Relief - How You Can Help; Problems with Outlook; Reader Comments: Racism, Hatred, Slavery, Those Monuments; Populist Victory in Birmingham, AL; Today's Socialist Movement, DSA; 4,000 Rabbis Berate Trump; a

How to Help - Harvey Relief, Texas AFL-CIO, Not Red Cross, Organizations on the Ground that Need Help; Problems with Outlook; Reader Comments: Racism, Hatred, Slavery, Those Monuments; Populist Victory in Birmingham, AL; Building Today's Socialist Movement, DSA; California Hate Crime Tracker; 4,000 Rabbis Berate Trump; Announcements - Voting and Partisan Gerrymandering; Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression; MEDICC 20th Anniversary Conference in Cuba

Tidbits - July 27, 2017 - Reader Comments: Trumpcare: Play-by-Play from Planned Parenthood; Attempt to Outlaw BDS; Voter Fraud Bait & Switch; Globalization; If Capitalism Failed; Venezuela; Net Neutrality and Herbert Marcuse; CFPB done in your state?; and

Reader Comments: Trumpcare: What happens when - Play-by-Play from Planned Parenthood; Attempt to Outlaw BDS; Trump's Voter Fraud "Bait & Switch"; Clancy Sigal; Spicer bails; Globalization; If Capitalism Failed (we wish) - Greek workers find solution; Rosa Luxemburg; Yugoslavia's Socialism; Venezuela; Net Neutrality and Herbert Marcuse; High Noon remembered; New Website - What has the CFPB done in your state?

Tidbits - May 25, 2017 - Reader Comments: Impeachment - Differing reader responses; Gerrymandering Racial Segregation; White Working-Class Voters and Future of Progressive Politics; COSATU Bans Zuma from Speaking at its Events; and more...

Reader Comments: Time for Impeachment - Differing responses from Portside readers; Voting - Gerrymandering, and Racial Segregation - Today; White Working-Class Voters and the Future of Progressive Politics; Chelsea Manning is Free!; News from South Africa -- COSATU Bans Zuma from Speaking at its Events; Jewish Voice for Peace video - Israel Palestine Conflict 101; and more...

Early Voting Ends in North Carolina

Joe Gamm / Tierney Sneed Greensboro News and Record / Talking Points Memo
Guilford County, like North Carolina as a whole, set an all-time record for the number of ballots cast during early voting despite GOP efforts for suppress voter turnout.

What Can Be Learned from Hillary Clinton's Slurs Against Reconstruction

Ryan Cooper The Week
Monday night, Hillary Clinton butchered Reconstruction's history. It's a good opportunity to correct the record, and glean why Lincoln really was America's greatest president. Reconstruction in reality was a briefly successful attempt to build a true democracy in the South. Clinton implies that it was Southern anger at unjust Reconstruction policy that led them to institute Jim Crow, but Jim Crow was the goal from the very end of the war.

The Historical Context of Voting Rights

Bruce Hartford Civil Rights Movement Veterans
When we were founded as a nation, a fierce political battle erupted over who would have the vote. It was a fight over who was included in "We the People." We have been fighting that political war ever since, and continue to fight it to this day. The issue of who has the vote continues to be a fight because those who are well-served by the status-quo want to limit the voting power of those who they fear have good reason to be dissatisfied with the way things are.

Selma and Voting Rights: Commemoration or Legislation?

Chris Kromm The Institute for Southern Studies
This weekend, thousands of people -- including one-fifth of the U.S. Congress and President Obama -- are commemorating the 50th anniversary of the famous Selma to Montgomery march. The irony is rich: The 1965 Selma march -- and the violent "Bloody Sunday" caused by Alabama troopers -- is credited with speeding passage of the Voting Rights Act, Yet voting rights in the South and the Voting Rights Act itself are in their most precarious position in half a century.

GOP Voter Purge Scheme's Impact on 2014 and Beyond

Greg Palast Al Jazeera America
A Republican-controlled computer system allegedly meant to identify fraudulent voters, may have contributed to GOP victories in Senate races in Colorado and North Carolina, and a tight gubernatorial race in Kansas. While Interstate Crosscheck has not discovered a single instance of voter fraud, it was used by Republican elections officials in 27 states to purge thousands of voters, a high percentage of whom were minorities, from the voting rolls.
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