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Friday Nite Videos -- September 13, 2013

Stephen Colbert takes exception to Vladimir Putin's Op-Ed. Revving Up Brain Skills. Dante de Blasio. A Million Years Before 'Lucy,' There Was 'Ardi.' Glee Fan Flash Mob.

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Stephen Colbert Takes Exception to Vladimir Putin's Op-Ed
Russian President Vladimir Putin criticizes Obama for promoting American exceptionalism in his Syria speech.

Revving Up Brain Skills
Brain training games claim to boost your mental skills, but research has shown they don't make young people smarter. Now a custom-designed computer game has found success in older adults. The game, called NeuroRacer, can improve players' short-term memory and attention, skills which decline with age.

These 30 seconds capture how the de Blasio campaign has upended the Bloomberg 1% era in New York politics

A Million Years Before 'Lucy,' There Was 'Ardi'
More than a million years older than "Lucy," some nearly complete skeletons of Ardipithecus ramidus and thousands of associated fossils provide the most detailed snapshot of our earliest upright ancestors.

Glee Fan Flash Mob
Led off by two of the youngest and most appealing break dancers ever, more than 1200 Glee fans came together for a spectacular flash mob. Seattle, April 10, 2011.