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Global Left Midweek - Storm Centers!

Furious mass protests in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, election news with left parties in play, and more!

Protesters throw projectiles at police during the fifth night of unrest in Santiago, Chile’s capital,Photograph: Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images
  1. Haiti: from Truthout
  2. Lebanon: Video from Peoples Dispatch
  3. Chile: from AFP
  4. Guinea: from Deutsche Welle
  5. Rojava: from Middle East Eye
  6. Ecuador: from Slate
  7. Catalonia: from Green Left Weekly
  8. Sudan: from Reuters
  9. Elections: Bolivia, Quebec, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay
  10. Two New Left Journals for Africa


Haiti: Pro-Democracy Movement Swells

Frances Madeson / Truthout (Sacramento)

A movement birthed in the shantytowns of Port-au-Prince has now swelled to broad swaths of the populace in all 10 of Haiti’s geographical departments. 


Video: Lebanon Uprising

Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Jana Nakhal of the Lebanese Communist Party talks about the resilience and steadfastness of the people of Lebanon, the history of organizing that led to the current protests, and the way forward.


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Chile: From the Streets to the Workplaces

AFP (Paris)

The protest violence -- widespread looting, arson and clashes with the 20,000 security forces deployed on the streets -- is the worst to hit Chile since the country's return to democracy after the 1973-1990 rightwing dictatorship led by General Augusto Pinochet. (NOTE: More details on strikes and protests in Chile are here and here.)

Guinea: Protests and Repression

Karim Kamara / Deutsche Welle (Berlin)

Police opened fire on demonstrators opposing a new constitution that could allow President Alpha Conde to run for a third term.

Rojava Defends Its Project

Direnc Balik and Heba Nasser / Middle East Eye (London)

The Kurdish YPG's battle with Islamic State, with men and women from a multitude of different religious and ethnic groups fighting side by side, made them highly popular around the world.

(NOTE: Russia and Turkey have announced an agreement whereby the Syrian border guard will remove and replace YPG forces on Syria's northeast border. See more details here. November 2 is World Resistance Day for Rojava.)

Ecuador's Unlikely Revolution

Stephen K. Hirst / Slate (New York)

Indigenous communities and social movements stood up to the president and the IMF—and won.

Catalonia: Tsunami of Protest

Dick Nichols / Green Left Weekly (Sydney)

They occupied Barcelona airport, imposed road blocks on major highways, demonstrated in huge numbers outside Spanish government offices and began “Marches for Freedom” on Barcelona from five provincial cities.

Sudan: Tens of Thousands Rally

Khalid Abdelaziz / Reuters (London)

Demonstrators in Khartoum and other cities called for the former ruling party to be dissolved and for ex-officials to be put on trial.

Election News

Bolivia  NewsClick (New Delhi)

Quebec  Daniel LeBlanc / The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Canada  Graham Slaughter / CTV News (Toronto)

Argentina  Dacil Lanza / Il Manifesto Global (Rome)

Uruguay / teleSUR (Caracas)

Welcome Two New Left Journals in Africa

A Radical Journal and Institute for Swaziland  Manqoba Nxumalo / Review of African Political Economy (London)

Introducing The Kenya Socialist  / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung East Africa Office (Dar es Salaam)