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Global Left Midweek - August 12, 2020

The China debate continues, Lebanon explodes, Bolivians rebel against coup regime, and more

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“Beirut: Capital of the Revolution”, PHOTO/ AFP
  1. The China Debate Continues
  2. Lebanon Explodes
  3. Bolivia: Will the Coup Regime Prevail?
  4. Save India Day
  5. Womens Movements and South African Democracy
  6. Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan Speaks
  7. Guatemala: Xinka Take On Covid-19
  8. Poland: LGBTQ Resistance
  9. Legacies

The China Debate Continues

The Manufactured Threat  Atul Bhardwaj / Economic and Political Weekly (Mumbai)

Hong Kong, China, and International Solidarity  Andi W. and Promise Li / Tempest

Against Denouncing ‘Both Sides’  / Qiao Collective

Stand With the Uighurs  Ben Towse / Novara Media (London)

Lebanon Explodes

From Shock to Rage  Kareem Chehayeb / Middle East Eye (London)

We Need New Blood  / Al Jazeera (Doha)

Citizens in a State  Paula Naoufal / An-Nahar (Beirut)

Bolivia: Will the Coup Regime Prevail?

National Strike and Roadblocks  / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

The Ongoing Coup  Anton Flaig and Denis Rogatyuk / Jacobin (New York)

Save India Day

Ronak Chhabra / NewsClick (New Delhi)

Ten million turned out across the country against the Modi government’s “anti-people” policies being pushed under the pretext of pandemic. 

s Movements and South African Democracy 

Caitlin Troup / IOL (Cape Town)

Short-term alliances that intensely mobilise around specific issues or pieces of legislation engage the state, and then disappear after reaching their goals.

A Solution for Syria, Turkey, and the Kurds

Abdullah Öcalan / Jacobin

Kurdish leader Öcalan, a prisoner in Turkey for 20+ years, calls for a “democratic nation project” able to unite citizens of different ethnic backgrounds and cultural traditions.

Guatemala: Xinka Take On Covid-19

Valerie Croft / CounterPunch (Petrolia CA)

Indigenous peoples, such as the Xinka in Guatemala, are finding ways to organize and care for each other, while firmly rooting their response in ancestral practices that have sustained them throughout time.

Poland: LGBTQ Resistance

Marianna Szczygielska / LeftEast (Bucharest)

In Warsaw, the queer collective “Stop Bzdurom” (Stop the Bullshit) uses direct action to counter the persistent disinformation campaign targeting the LGBTQ community, sexual education, and reproductive justice. 


Hawa Abdi, Somalia

Dom Pedro Casaldaliga, Brazil

Jacques Coursil, Belgium

Miriam Esther Jiménez Román, Puerto Rico