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Globa Left Midweek - Focus on Asia

India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam — Reports on the left and working people across Asia

Indian farmers’ unions are preparing for an early May showdown. Credit,Partha Sarkar/Xinhua/Alamy Live News
  1. Across Asia
  2. India: May Day is Coming
  3. Myanmar: Roots of Revolt
  4. Vietnam: Changing Horses?
  5. PRC/Hong Kong: Roundtable
  6. Malaysia: Making Democracy Work
  7. Japan: Where’s the Fire?
  8. Cambodia: Workers’ Voices
  9. Asia/Pacific Support for Turkey’s HDP
  10. More Debate on Internationalism
  11. New Magazine from Party of the Euro Left

Across Asia

Bibbi Abruzzini and Jyotsna M. Singh / The Diplomat (Washington DC)

From Nepal to India, Thailand to Myanmar, people are taking to the streets – or social media – to demand change.

India: May Day is Coming

Ravi Kaushal / NewsClick (New Delhi)

The farmers’ organisations announced that the protesters agitating against the three contentious farm laws will be marching towards Parliament on foot in the first week of May after more than four months of protest. the farmers' unions also announced that they will be inviting the central trade unions to celebrate May Day at all borders together.

Myanmar: Roots of Revolt

Lisa Brooten / East Asia Forum (Canberra)

The success of today’s civil disobedience movement comes from decades of behind-the-scenes activism to build a multi-ethnic civil society and an independent media under military dictatorship — well before the democratisation process began just over a decade ago.

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Vietnam: Changing Horses?

Hai Hong Nguyen / Asia Times (Hong Kong)

Are big changes in store for the leadership and politics of the Communist Party?

PRC/Hong Kong: Roundtable

Lausan (Hong Kong)

Four panelists explore the different connotations of Hong Kong localism, and discuss points of contention and opinions related to the critique of the right turn of Hong Kongers and diaspora since the 2020 movement. 

Malaysia: Making Democracy Work

Choo Chon Kai / Progressive International

It’s crucial for the Left and progressive forces in Malaysia to rebuild a social movement that fights for genuine democracy and social justice — a movement that cuts across racial and religious lines.

Japan: Where’s the Fire?

Julian Ryall / Deutsche Welle (Berlin)

Young Japanese are less likely to protest than previous generations due to fears of violence and heightened life pressures. If they do feel strongly about an issue, they'll have their say in an online space.

Cambodia: Workers’ Voices

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Asia (Hanoi) 

The industrialization and commercialization in Cambodia are rapidly increasing, leading to the rising labor force. We illustrate incidents and problems encountered by the workers, by having them speak up for their own. The authority and employers are also interviewed for their sides of the stories.

Asia/Pacific Support for Turkey’s HDP

Peter Boyle / Green Left (Sydney)

Left parties from the Asia-Pacific region have spoken out in solidarity with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), the third largest party in the Turkish parliament, now in the process of being banned by the dictatorial Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regime.

More Debate on Internationalism

Cuba and Disinfo Iroel Sánchez / Granma (Havana)

Anticommunism and the New Cold War Michael Brie / New Politics (New York)

Anti-Imperialism of Fools  Gilbert Achcar / The Nation (New York)

New Magazine from Party of the Euro Left

Paolo Ferrero / Party of the European Left (Brussels)

The magazine is titled Quistioni (referring to the way in which Antonio Gramsci indicated the matters, the problems), because in each monographic issue of the magazine we want to tackle a problem and contribute, in this way, to the building of a common alternative project at the European level.