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The Culinary Journey of Michael Twitty

Joe Yonan The Splendid Table
Culinary historian Michael Twitty is on a journey to discover himself, through the food of his ancestors. Joe Yonan talks to him about history, identity, and what exactly goes into a kosher soul roll.


Cooking With Cannabis

Jonathan Thompson The Guardian
In the two years since Colorado legalised cannabis, chefs in the state have been finding new ways to make a meal of it.

Friday Nite Videos -- May 13, 2016

Donald Trump Bashes Hillary Clinton For Her Husband's Affairs. How Tree Frogs 'Stick' Their Landing. Michael Pollan on Cooking. Trump Transforms for the General Election. Solution to the Grandfather Paradox.

Michael Pollan on Cooking

Can you really have your cake and eat it? Michael Pollan explains how to eat well by following one simple rule without the need for fad diets or deprivation. 


Cooking Local

Meg Favreau Table Matters
If you're looking for something special for the holiday table, Meg Favreau has some suggestions from her collection of 1970s and 1980s locally printed cookbooks. These books, she says, are "a window into what communities actually eat – not the idealized version of the area’s cuisine you see in a “real” regional cookbook." Recipes for eggless applesauce squares, the "ribsticker," and gumdrop bread can be found on the article's original website.

Today Is Food Revolution Day. Connect With Food.

Alessandro Demaio Public Library of Science
An eggplant should be as obvious to a 7 year old as an iPhone. Knowing how to make a loaf of bread should be part of the national curriculum, and an understanding of seasonality and our food supply should be taught from a young age.
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