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The Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis

Molly Coleman and Tristin Brown Teen Vogue
The right-wing supermajority on the Court is the result of a movement determined to seize power at any cost. It's time to critically assess and reconfigure the Court’s role in our society. Our democracy depends on it.

Global Left Midweek - May 22, 2019

Elections: India, Philippines, South Africa, EU * Europe's Social Democrats * Gay Marriage in Taiwan * Brazil vs Bolisaro * Iran's Working Class

Mississippi's Anti-LGBTQ Segregation Law Is on Thin Legal Ice

Mark Joseph Stern Slate
Reeves’ injunction barred all “agents, officers, employees, and subsidiaries” of Mississippi from treating same-sex couples differently from opposite-sex couples. HB 1523 explicitly contravenes this order, granting circuit clerks the total freedom to turn away same-sex couples while continuing to license opposite-sex couples.

Fraud in Science: The Retracted Study on Attitudes Toward Gay Marriage

Tabitha M. Powledge Plos Blogs
The paper purporting to show that people's attitudes to gay marriage can be overturned in the course of a persuasive converation with an advocate has just been withdrawn. It was the biggest political science study of last year. It was a complete fraud. Could this be the beginning of a real reversal in the problem of fraud and misconduct in science?

Who Needs the Supreme Court?

Emily Bazelon Slate
Gay marriage might just become the law of the land without ever heading back to Justice Kennedy.

Off-Year Elections Show Reaction Can Be Beat

Peter Dreier; Joan Walsh
Elections show the tide can turn against the unholy alliance of big business, the Tea Party, and the religious right. Growing protests - the "Moral Monday" movement in North Carolina, militant immigrant rights activism, battles to protect women's health clinics from state budget cuts, strikes by low-wage workers, civil disobedience actions to challenge voter suppression, & campaigns against global energy corporations. Virginia - win in a race lost by 17 points in 2009.

Marriage Equality and Beyond

Christine R. Riddiough Democratic Socialists of America
It is true that marriage equality is a real step forward for LGBT folks and is a real change in American and global perceptions of non-heterosexual sexualities. This is no small thing. However, another problem is that there seems to be a failure to understand marriage equality as part of a strategy for expanding our understanding of family and community. What exactly are the next steps in redefining those terms to be more inclusive?
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