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Media Bits & Bytes - Send Lawyers, Guns & Money edition

The right to be left alone; Verizon's plans for the Internet; The rise of social commerce; Journalistic ethics?; Internet mavens talk money & politics, Culture, commerce, online shopping, politics, money, corruption

Media Bits & Bytes - Follow the Money Edition

Tech Companies Get Millions from Us for PRISM; EFF Takes Down FISA; Kochs Loose Interest In Tribune; FCC Slashes Prison Phone Rates; Zuckerberg Launches New Initiative for Global Internet Access

Tidbits - August 22, 2013

Reader Comments: Chelsea Manning Sentencing; Egypt; Koch Bros.; Kerry and the Mideast Peace Process; Petition to Hold Kerry Accountable; False History; Labor Unions At Another Crossroad-Exchange (Martin Morand & Bill Fletcher); Dawkins Dresses Up Bigotry; Announcement: Encore-The Blacklisting of Hope Foye - Los Angeles-Aug 24 Resources: The Unfinished Dream - The March on Washington & the Radical Legacy of Martin Luther King

Bradley Manning Did Not Hurt the United States

Rainey Reitman Freedom of the Press Foundation
Bradley Manning didn't hurt us any more than a dentist hurts a patient when removing an abscessed tooth. The brief discomfort that resulted from the WikiLeaks disclosures was necessary to begin the process of healing and reform. It is a process that we do not yet know will be successful, but which began with Manning's decision to leak vital documents to WikiLeaks. And for that, we owe Manning thanks; no apologies necessary.

Media Bits & Bytes - I Spy Edition

WikiLeaks Rescues Edward Snowden (Literally!); Correcting Bruce Sterling's Revisionist Cyber-History; Lavabit Email Encryption Service, Bites the Dust; Turf Wars in the Internet Underworld; Pirate Bay Turns Ten!

Top Ten Ways Bradley Manning Changed the World

Juan Cole Informed Comment
Bradley Manning, acting on what he felt was true patriotism leaked documents revealing the killing of journalists in Iraq; corruption in Tunisia that led to the first of the Arab Spring revolts; the use of drones, and the secret drone war; US spying on UN diplomats; and John Kerry's pressing of Israel to return to pre-1967 borders. Yes, Bradley Manning has changed the world we live in.

Media Bits & Bytes - Three Card Monte Edition

Palestinians Blocked from Getting Smartphone Service; NSA Technology Simply Too Old to Search; Who Owns Your Data When You Die?; New Computing Physics Soon to Emerge from NASA-Google Partnership; GED Gets a Digital Makeover and Faces Competition

Media Bits & Bytes - Shifting Terrain Edition

Ethnic Press Across the Country Share a Single Editorial on Immigration; the Microsoft Empire is Fading Fast; the Expansion of Mass Surveillance Limited Only by Technology; More Media Consolidation will not Cure the Problems of Media Consolidation; Cubans Finally Get Some Access to the Internet, but It's Not Cheap; Americans are Using Their Smartphones in Unexpected Places

Tidbits - July 4, 2013

Readers Comments - The Expendables -Temps Getting Crushed; The Counter-Revolution of 1776 - Slave Resistance & the Origins of the USA; Poem for Trayvon Martin; Government Spying & Snowden Revelations; Google Eats the World; Gra├ža Machel; Brazil; South Africa; Climate Action Plan; Koch Bros,; Marriage Equality; Announcements - John Nichols, Bob McChesney "Dollarocracy" - Madison (WI) - July 24; Multicultural Arts and History Journey through Cuba - Oct 22 - Nov 1, 2013
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