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How Nike's Neoliberal Feminism Came to Rule the Global South

Maria Hengeveld The Feminist Wire
Nike has radically transformed its feminist credentials globally. Few organizations carry as much global power and authority on the economic needs of young poor women as the Nike Foundation, which was founded in 2004 and is led by CEO Maria Eitel, former special media assistant for President George H.W Bush [1]. Under Eitel’s leadership, Nike has turned into a global ‘adolescent girls expert', whose campaigns are endorsed by international women’s rights groups.


Across Asia's Borders, Labor Activists Team Up to Press Wage Claims

Eveline Danubrata and Prak Chan Thul Reuters
For global companies that have shifted production to Southeast Asia's low-cost manufacturing hub, greater cross-boarder labor coordination could mean less room for wage bargaining, a squeeze on profits and maybe even higher price tags on anything from shoes and clothing to cars and electronics appliances. But even as wages rise, labor activists are confident they aren't at risk of pricing themselves out of the market.


40,000 Yue Yuen Workers on Strike

Celia Hatton BBC News
Since April 14, 40,000 workers at the Yue Yuen Shoe Factories in Dongguan, Guangdong Provinece have been on strike. They make shoes and sneakers for Salomen, Nike, Asics, Car,and Adidas. Adidas has already begun moving production to another sweatshop.


The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed

Michael Grabell ProPublica, Posted on Talking Union
In cities all across the country, workers stand on street corners, line up in alleys or wait in a neon-lit beauty salon for rickety vans to whisk them off to warehouses miles away. Some vans are so packed that to get to work, people must squat on milk crates, sit on the laps of passengers they do not know or sometimes lie on the floor, the other workers’ feet on top of them.


Nearly 300 Cambodian Garment Makers Fired over Strikes

Low-cost labor has attracted Western brands to the Southeast Asian country and garments now account for around 75 percent of its exports, but strikes over pay and working conditions have become common. Thousands of workers at Sabrina (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Corp went on strike for higher pay from May 21.
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