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Fascism pushed back in Greece and Nigeria * Workers rumble in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and Germany

Magda Fyssa, the mother of leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas who was murdered by a Golden Dawn member, reacts to the guilty verdict in an Athens court ,PHOTO: Petros Giannakouris/AP
  1. Think Pieces: Löwy, Solty, Colectiva Sembrar
  2. Good Night Golden Dawn 
  3. Southern Africa: Labor Unrest
  4. Insurgencies in Two Places You Never Heard Of
  5. Nigeria: #ENDSARS Takes on Police Brutality
  6. Indonesia: Thousands in the Streets
  7. UK: New Fights for Tenants Rights
  8. Video: Aijaz Ahmad and Vijay Prashad Talk Che
  9. German Amazon Workers Greet “Prime Day”

Think Pieces: L
öwy, Solty, Colectiva Sembrar

The Future of Pandemic Solidarity  Colectiva Sembrar / Red Pepper (London)

Eco-socialism and/or De-growth  Michael Löwy / Rupture (Dublin)

Rethinking German Reunification  Ingar Solty / Jacobin (New York)

Good Night Golden Dawn 

Panos Petrou / Red Flag (Melbourne)

Greeks have fought Golden Dawn since the early 1990s; subsequent generations of activists chose not to tolerate fascism and stood against it in the streets, in their schools, in their neighbourhoods, in their workplaces. 

uthern Africa: Labor Unrest

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COSATU: Trouble With ANC  Bheki C. Simelane / Daily Maverick (Johannesburg)

Fighting For a Living Wage in Zimbabwe  Tafadzwa Choto / Review of African Political Economy (London)

Insurgencies in Two Places You Never Heard Of

Bougainville  Vikki John / Green Left (Sydney)

Balochistan  Balochistan Marxist Review / Links (Sydney)

Nigeria: #ENDSARS Takes On Police Brutality

Al Jazeera (Doha)

Thousands of people across Nigeria have taken to the streets for a sixth straight day, keeping up the pressure in a campaign that forced the government to announce the dissolution of a notorious police unit.


Indonesia: Thousands in the Streets

Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

New development: Reuters reports organized workers have been joined by students and conservative Muslim groups in mass demonstrations to protest a repressive Omnibus labor law. 

UK: New Fights for Tenants

Benjamin James Davies / openDemocracy (London)

As the right seeks to wage a culture war, the left are at the vanguard of the tenants’ rights movement, directly resisting evictions and shifting the tenor of public debate around housing more generally.

Video: Aijaz Ahmad and Vijay Prashad Talk Che

Peoples Dispatch

Ahmad reflects on Che’s idea of what a revolution does, and his pursuit of a society which overcomes the distortions capitalism introduces to human nature.

German Amazon Workers Greet
Prime Day

Sam Shead / CNBC (Englewood Cliffs NJ)

On the megacorp’s big sale day, workers in six cities stage a two-day job action.