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Global Left Midweek - December 30, 2020

Rebellion in 2020 – The fury only grows

Green is the color of Argentina’s successful abortion rights movement. Credit,Reuters
  1. Greta’s Year End Video
  2. Workers in the Global South
  3. Women Take Action and Win
  4. Climate Populism and Its Limits
  5. Who’s Anti-Semitic? The Politics of the New Witch Hunt
  6. Greece: Repression and Resistance
  7. Reports From Kerala
  8. What’s Next for Chile
  9. Historic Peace Organizations Still Active Today
  10. The Legacy of Ujamaa

Greta’s Year End Video

Greta Thunberg / The Guardian (London)

The 17-year-old activist calls on leaders to account for failing to reverse rising carbon emissions, but concluded: ‘There is hope … we are the hope – we, the people’.

Workers in the Global South

China Labour Bulletin (Hong Kong)

Both the Chinese and Indian governments have unveiled their own series of relief measures to combat the economic impact of the pandemic. However, many of the measures introduced so far represent a serious threat to the interests of the working class.

Women Take Action and Win

Argentina Legalizes Abortion  Tom Phillips, Amy Booth and Uki Goñi / The Guardian

Free Loujain al-Hathloul  Amandla Thomas-Johnson / Middle East Eye (London)

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Turkey: We Wont Keep Quiet Ülker Sözen / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Berlin)

Sudanese Women in the Peace Process Nazik Awad / openDemocracy (London)

Indigenous Women Lead in Northern Europe Mara Santilli / Marie Claire (New York)

Climate Populism and Its Limits

Kai Bosworth / Progressive International (Athens)

What have been the consequences of the left-populist orientation of climate justice politics? What strategic lessons can we draw from this movement’s successes and failures?

Who’s Anti-Semitic? The Politics of the New Witch Hunt

Masking a Reign of Terror  Jonathan Cook et al. / Israel-Palestine News (Menifee CA)

A South African Voice  Ronnie Kasrils / Morning Star (London)

Who’s Against the IHRA Definition  Corey Balsam / Times of Israel (Jerusalem)

Greece: Repression and Resistance

ReAkt Berlin / The Left Berlin

The Greek government is using the Corona pandemic to suppress freedom of assembly. But protests and civil disobedience are continuing.

Reports from Kerala

The Coronavirus Slayer  Vijay Prashad / Tricontinental

Left Front Sweeps Elections  Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

What’s Next for Chile

Victor Figueroa Clark / Progressive International

Chile’s referendum result is a cry for progressive change, but the struggle to translate mass social mobilisation into the drafting of a new constitution remains.

11 Historic Peace Organizations Still Active Today

Taylor O’Connor / SkillUp

Of the 200+ year history of the modern peace movement, we are fortunate to have several historic organizations still active today. Learning about the challenges they faced, and of the monumental figures associated with them, we gain insight into practical strategies to build a more peaceful and just world.

The Legacy of Ujamaa

Jaclyn Ashly / African Arguments (London)

Julius Nyerere and his African socialist policies are regarded with great pride in Tanzania, but not by all who experienced them first-hand.