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Global Left Midweek – March 29, 2023

Movements and parties grapple with democracy, cost-of-living and shifting power arrangements

  1. La Via Campesina: Peasants Organize Worldwide
  2. “Macron Must Fall”
  3. Unions Meet on Haiti
  4. Questions Facing the Anti-Netanyahu Movement
  5. Hiroshima Ex-Mayor Defies Japanese Militarism
  6. The Word From the Nuevo Perú Party
  7. Western Sahara and Palestine
  8. Freedom Fighters Remembered
  9. Multipolarity, Internationalism and Democracy
  10. Crisis in the International Trade Union Confederation


La Via Campesina: Peasants Organize Worldwide

Jun Borras / Transnational Institute (Amsterdam)

La Via Campesina has shown the important role of agrarian movements in anti-capitalist struggles and the radical reimagination and construction of a positive future. The significance of LVC is found in what it represents in terms of an alternative future that is so different from the current agrarian world.

“Macron Must Fall”

Unions Meet on Haiti

Frédéric Thomas / Equal Times (Brussels)

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A union-organized gathering had two objectives: to (re)launch an international solidarity campaign with Haiti, based on the analyses and the demands of Haitian organisations in general and, more specifically, the “roadmap” of Haiti’s largest unions, and to reaffirm that trade unions are anchored in the Haitian social movement and fully committed to the project to secure a “transition of rupture”.

Questions Facing the Anti-Netanyahu Movement

Haggai Matar / 972+ (Tel Aviv)

Never before have Israelis risen up in such numbers with such commitment against their own government — to the point that they have effectively brought it to its knees. The question now is: where is this all heading? What does this all mean for the future of Israeli politics? And perhaps most importantly, what could it spell for Palestinians?

Hiroshima Ex-Mayor Defies Japanese Militarism

Tadatoshi Akiba / The Mainichi (Tokyo)

As the G-7 Hiroshima summit approaches, the deep divide between the government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida with its supporters and those who have fought to eliminate nuclear weapons together with the hibakusha (A-bomb survivors) has become more than visible.

The Word From the Nuevo Per
ú Party

Zoe Alexandra / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets throughout the country to demonstrate their rejection of the de facto government of Dina Boluarte and the National Congress. To understand the context in Peru today after three months of mobilization and repression, Peoples Dispatch spoke with the secretary general of the left political party Nuevo Perú, Enver León.

Western Sahara and Palestine

Nithya Nagarajan / Socialist Project (Toronto)

Both the Saharawi and Palestinian refugee camps seem as worlds without horizons. The youth endure the suffocation of imperial powers that deny both peoples their right to self-determination. Yet the dominant factions of the Palestinian national movement are pitted against one of the most silenced liberation movements in the world, that of the Saharawi people.

Freedom Fighters Remembered

Multipolarity, Internationalism and Democracy

Crisis in the International Trade Union Confederation

Victor Baez / Global Labour Column (Johannesburg)

We tend to think of corruption solely as the act of a selfish individual – the proverbial bad apple – and forget about the conditions that allow it to thrive. This is often a combination of factors such as concentration of power in one person, weak processes of checks and balances, bendy rules, insufficient transparency and, more importantly, the lack of real democracy in decision making.