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Who Owns Our Data?

Aziz Z. Huq Boston Review
We need a model of ownership that recognizes the collective interest we have in how personal data is used, avoids the costs of private exploitation by individual firms, and does not slip into authoritarian forms of state control.


Digital Food: From Paddock to Platform.

Richard Zimmer FoodAnthropology
This examination of how the digital world portrays food directly, represents people engaged in all aspects of food, and affects the politics and economics of the food world, foreshadows some of the directions the larger world of food is taking.

Media Bits & Bytes - Three Card Monte Edition

Palestinians Blocked from Getting Smartphone Service; NSA Technology Simply Too Old to Search; Who Owns Your Data When You Die?; New Computing Physics Soon to Emerge from NASA-Google Partnership; GED Gets a Digital Makeover and Faces Competition
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