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Friday Nite Videos -- October 24, 2014

You Don't Own Me (music video). Vaccine Delivery: The Last Mile. Behind the Scenes: Big Beverage. "We Want a Co-op!" Google VP Leaps From Stratosphere.

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You Don't Own Me

In 2013, there were more laws passed to limit women’s reproductive rights than in the entire previous decade.
Ten million more women than men voted in the last election. In fact 53% of voters were women. That is not a voting block it's a majority. Women have decided literally every election in our lifetimes, yet, midterm turnout is historically low. LET'S CHANGE THAT!
Many of us may have access to good health care, but our experience being a woman – and our rights – shouldn’t depend on our zip code. Our sisters in Texas, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Ohio, Arkansas, and so many other states don’t have what we have. The most regressive, anti­woman, anti­voting, anti­equality laws are being passed on the state level. This is why the midterms are so important.
It’s not enough to vote – we have to vote like our futures are on the line­ because they are. That means you vote, but you also talk about voting. You post about voting. You bring some pals to the polls.
There is a war being waged on women's rights and we must fight back with everything we've got. Please VOTE on Nov.4th!

Vaccine Delivery: The Last Mile
You've walked for several hours to get your baby vaccinated. But the clinic has run out of vaccines -- or the healthworker hasn't turned up because his motorcycle broke. These problems are typical along the last mile or so of a vaccine's journey from factory to child in Africa. In this film we hear how Riders for Health are tackling the transport problem. They hope to reach every child, wherever they live and however difficult the journey might be.
Read more in the Nature Outlook: Vaccines

Behind the Scenes: Big Beverage
Soda companies spend big money to influence public health initiatives meant to decrease sugary drink consumption. But policies like taxes on sugary beverages can encourage people to make healthier choices. The beverage industry is doing everything in its power to keep that from happening.
Get the latest research, news, and information about public health policies aimed at reducing sugary drink consumption here

"We Want a Co-op!"
Northeast Greensboro residents deserve a high quality grocery store that serves their needs for good food at an affordable price and dignified jobs that pay a living wage.
Together, neighbors from the community, as well as supporters from across Greensboro, are building their very own cooperatively owned grocery store - the Renaissance Community Coop!
We want a store that sells real food, is within walking distance for many neighborhood residents, returns surplus money to the community, and contributes to the health and wealth of our community.

Google VP Leaps From Stratosphere
Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, set a new world record today by completing the highest-altitude free fall yet--parachuting from 135,908 feet (or 25 miles) above Earth.
The record was previously held by daredevil skydiver Felix Baumgartner, who leaped from 24 miles above Earth in October 2012.
To put that in perspective, scientists say you officially enter space at 73 miles above Earth's surface. Eustace largely self-funded the project on the cheap, with a minimalist approach to technology.