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Global Left Midweek - June 24, 2020

Reports and analyses from everywhere, as the world churns

Health workers in Paris: "Not capital, hospital - whatever the cost",credit: | axl | @KartMaxJ / Twitter
  1. The Covid Crisis
  2. Global Impact of the Showdown with US Police
  3. Turkey, Kurds, Iraq and Syria
  4. Workers' Rights Under Attack Worldwide
  5. Mexico: Zapatismo Now
  6. Socialist Party of Zambia
  7. Australia: Pushing Back Against Logging Industry
  8. Legacies

The Covid Crisis

A Ten-Point Agenda
Vijay Prashad / Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research

Labor and Covid in South Africa
Dale McKinley / Links (Sydney)

Video: All-India Covid Protest
Brinda Karat / NewsClick (New Delhi)

French Healthcare Workers
France 24 (Paris)

Buenos Aires: Feminists Fight
Claire Branigan / NACLA Report (New York)

Global Impact of the Showdown with US Police

David Pilling / Financial Times (London)

Baba Aye, Lai Brown, Heike Becker, Sabatho Nyamsenda / Review of African Political Economy (London)

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Canadian Dimension (Winnipeg)

Anonymous / London Review of Books

Emma Murphy / ITV (London)

Turkey, Kurds, Iraq and Syria

Rojava Unbowed
Dilar Dirik / New Internationalist (Oxford)

Turkey: Democracy March
Steve Sweeney / Morning Star (London)

Air Attack on PKK
Tom O'Connor / Newsweek (New York)

Workers' Rights Under Attack Worldwide

Sharan Burrow / Equal Times (Brussels)

The ITUC Global Rights Index exposes the failings of the world’s economic model – a New Social Contract can help us build a new one.

Mexico: Zapatismo Now

Mexico News Daily (Puerto Escondido)

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) announced in a statement on the weekend it will create 11 new caracoles, or autonomous zones, in Chiapas. The expansion will give the army 43 rebel areas.

Socialist Party of Zambia Manifesto

Pavan Kulkarni / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Production of public goods through public enterprises, in which trade unions will have a strong influence, forms the backbone of the Socialist Party’s vision for the industrial transformation of Zambia.

Australia: Pushing Back Against Logging Industry

Kim Croxford / Green Left (Sydney)

Placing Indigenous sovereignty at the centre of forest protests comes from work with First Nations leaders from the Taungurung, Wurundjeri and Gunnai people, whose country in the Central Highlands and East Gippsland regions is being damaged by logging.


Ahmed Erakat, Palestine / Al Jazeera (Doha)

Chief Paulinho Paiakan, Brazil  Amy Goodman / Democracy Now! (New York)

Esther Nakajjigo, Uganda  Francis Kizito / New Vision (Kampala)

Maurice Rajsfus, France / Web24 News 

Dr Clarence Mini, South Africa  Mark Heywood / Daily Maverick (Johannesburg)

Rifqa al-Kurd, Palestine / Middle East Eye (London)