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Iraqis Rise Up Against 16 Years of 'Made in the USA' Corruption

Nicolas J S Davies OpenDemocracy
An Iraqi anti-government protest. With massive protests embroiling Iraq, Western media casts Iran as the chief foreign player in Iraq today. While Iran is one of the targets of the protests, most of those ruling Iraq now remain former exiles the US flew in with its occupation forces.

Global Left Midweek - December 4, 2019

On this 50th anniversary of the assassination of proletarian internationalist Fred Hampton, a new radical student movement in Pakistan takes inspiration. News and analysis in the spirit of Chairman Fred: "I am a revolutionary."

Global Left Midweek - 1968 in 2019

Worldwide Uprising! Election News from Bolivia, Canada and Germany! Reports from Hong Kong, Chile, Iraq, Kurdistan! And a Long Distance Runner Makes Her Stand for Historical Truth

PKK Letter to the American People and President Trump

Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Foreign Relations Committee ANF News
We are not guilty of terrorism; we are victims of state terrorism. But we are guilty of defending our people”, said the PKK in its letter addressing to the American people and president.
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