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Global Left Midweek - March 24, 2021

Women’s resistance is a tidal wave! More from Myanmar! And Jayati Ghosh on Samir Amin on imperialism

The pañuelo verde (green scarf) is the symbol of contemporary feminism in Latin America. Credit,Red Pepper/Daniel Espinosa Guzman
  1. Women Worldwide Fight Sexual Violence
  2. Socialist Feminism for Our Time
  3. Feminism in Poland
  4. Latin America: Protests and Politics
  5. More on Myanmar
  6. The Attack on Turkey’s HDP
  7. Italy’s Democratic Party - Exit Stage Right?
  8. Human Rights Fights During and After Apartheid
  9. Jayati Ghosh on Samir Amin on Imperialism

Women Worldwide Fight Sexual Violence

Anastasia Moloney, Beh Lih Yi and Sonia Elks / Thomson Reuters Foundation

Four young women from Britain, Bolivia, Colombia and Australia reflect on taking to the streets for the first time to protest gender-based violence.

Socialist Feminism for Our Time

Reihana Mohideen / Links (Sydney)

Gender equality and gender politics has been coopted into the mainstream of capitalist discourse. We need to put forward an uncompromising gender equality politics. Only a socialist feminist framework can allow us to do this consistently.

Feminism in Poland

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Antonina Lewandowska and Marek Nowak / Green European Journal (Luxembourg)

International solidarity and a strong movement that campaigns on different fronts to achieve a common goal will both be important in the path forward for Polish feminism.

Latin America: Protests and Politics

Ecuador / Peoples Dispatch (New Delhi)

Chile Carole Concha Bell / Red Pepper (London)

Bolivia  Linda Farthing / NACLA Report (New York)

Paraguay  Claudia Fanti / Il Manifesto Global (Rome)

More on Myanmar

What Next?  Thant Myint-U / London Review of Books

Women Lead  Khin Khin Mra / New Mandela (Canberra)

Workers Strike  Hannah Beech / The New York Times

China to Junta: ‘Protect Us’  / The Irrawaddy (Yangon)

The Attack on Turkey’s HDP

Crackdown Alex MacDonald / Middle East Eye (London)

Solidarity Manon Aubry, Martin Schirdewan and Tiny Kox / The Left in the European Parliament

Italy’s Democratic Party - Exit Stage Right?

Norma Rangeri / Il Manifesto Global

Italy has seen the rise of new activisms that have matured with ongoing work, both practical and theoretical. Here is the raw material, bursting out and incandescent, for discovering a movement capable of bringing much grist to the crumbling mill of the left.

Human Rights Fights During and After Apartheid

Khanyi Mlaba,  Aaron Rakhetsi  and  Nomthandazo Xaba / Global Citizen (New York)

As South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day, we honour the lives that were lost in past protests. We salute activists and coalitions righting the wrongs of the past, and making sure that the country’s most vulnerable and marginalised people are not left behind. 

Samir Amin and Contemporary Imperialism

Jayati Ghosh / Review of African Political Economy (London)

Samir Amin brought the tremendous power of his analysis to understanding the issues and problems of global capitalism, uneven development and imperialism, and how these affected material realities and social life in what is known as the developing world.