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Global Left Midweek - December 4, 2019

On this 50th anniversary of the assassination of proletarian internationalist Fred Hampton, a new radical student movement in Pakistan takes inspiration. News and analysis in the spirit of Chairman Fred: "I am a revolutionary."

Global Left Midweek - December 19, 2018

Budapest Fills the Streets, Disability Rights in NZ, Belgian Workers Party, Uruguay's Ex-President Reflects, NGOs and Women's Rights in Africa, Québec Solidaire On the Move

Global Left Midweek - September 26, 2018

Brazilian Women Represent, Corbyn and Antisemitism, Cuba and Racism, Québec Solidaire, Left Unity in India, Poland's Rising Star, South African Workers Divided

Major Decisions Face Québec Solidaire at its Forthcoming Congress

Richard Fidler Socialist Project
Of particular interest is adoption of a proposed international policy for Québec solidaire based on the principles of opposition to imperialism and solidarity with the exploited and oppressed around a global justice (altermondialiste) agenda. The resolution has been debated for more than a year by the QS membership.
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